Mini Pumps Series


>> Easy portable of full strength may also be used with small engines.
>> Available in Single, Duplex & Triplex Piston

Speical Features :
Horizontal piston sprayer, pump with stainless steel piston. Aluminium Bath Chamber & Brass Valve Box. All Workin Parts viz : Connecting rod, Crank shaft & Crank Bearing are lubricated by oil bath.

Standard Accessories supplied with sprayer pump
>> By Pass cum Pressure Regulator & Pressure Vessels
>> By Pass hose with jet Nipple
>> Suction Hose with stainer
>> Spray gum (as required)

10 Benefits for Economical Spraying & Cleaning
1. Energy Saving
2. Pesticides & Chemical Savings
3. Low Maintenance
4. Long Operating Life
5. Water Saving
6. Less Spraying & Cleaning time required
7. Maximum Safety
8. Extremely Easy to Operate
9. Comple with all accessories
10. Country wide sales service Network.