Milk Analyser VHFS Technology
The determination of SNF % in milk besides FAT % for deriving the milk rates per litre has become necessary. Lactoscan is a very low cost instrument as compared to other milk analyzers and does not need any chemicals or sample preparation, hence leading to almost no scope for variation of results at much lesser operational cost per test.

The instruments is based on VHFS (Very High Frequency Sound) technology and has no mechanical assemblies, leading to negligible wear and tear does not require regular servicing.

The determination of Protein, Loctose and Added water is done at much higher speed as compared to tedious to tedious, laborious and time consuming chemical process.

Power Supply : 220V ± 50 volts Inbuilt CVT and UPS (w / o Battery) with provision to connect 32 AH (or above) Battery Externally.
Power Consumption : 100 W (Max.)
Weight : 16-500 k.g. (Net without packing)
Dimensions : (W x H x D) 35 x 25 x 30 c.m.
PC Interface : RS 232 Port
Remote Display Indicator Printer Connectivity with wire for FAT & SNF.

Contents Measuring Range Resolution
Fat 0.00% to 20.00% 0.01%
SNF 6.00% to 12.00% 0.01%
Density 1.000kg/m to 1.040 kg/m 0.0001 kg/m
Protein 2.00% to 7.00% 0.01%
Lactose 0.00% to 6.00% 0.01%
Water Content 0.0% to 70.00% 0.1%