Electronic Milk Fat Tester


Speed, Economy & Simplicity for milk Fat Analysis
The use of light scattering techniques for determination of fat contents in milk has become the preferred method especially at milk collection centers through-out the world. The benefits offered by photometric Analysis, include improved analytical repeatability, greater speed, easier sample preparation and because of the elimination of operators error and lack of chemicals, greater confidence in the accuracy of the results. Still the most interesting thing is its negligible operating cost (approx 1/10th Gerber Method). Consequently the traditional cost 'GERBER' method of testing fat has become obsolete and is finding hard to survive any mnore because and different types of glasswares, time consumption and higher operating cost.

The Bellstone Electronic Milk Fat Testers are introduced with the sole objective of bringing speed, economy and simplicity in milk fat analysis.

Features :  
A wide measuring range 0-13%
An amazing speed 150 Samples per hour (approx)
Accuracy of Results (1-5% fat : 0.06%) (5-8% fat : 0.10%) (8-13% fat : 0.20%)
Perfect Repeatability 1-5% fat : 0.03% (5-8%) Fat : 0.04%) (8-13% fat : 0.08%)
Specifications :  
Sample Volume 0.05 ml / test
Diluent Volume 6.5 ml / test
Power Supply AC : 220-240V, (Maximum - +10%) (Minimum---15%) DC : A fully charged 120 Amp/hr. battery will last for least 10 hours operation.
Temperature 50°C
Dimension (H x W x D) 22 x 30 x 53 cm.
Weight 16 kg

>> Auto Zero
>> Single Plug-in PCB
>> Microprocessor Controlled Electronics
>> Inbuilt Automatic Battery Charger