Uniflow Cylinder


Accurate Separation of round and long grain Compact and sturdy design Multiple Combinations Featuring two, three or four cyliners

Applications : The uniflow cylinder (Cockle Cylinder) is used in flour mils, Rice grading plant, Barley plant, corn plant, speed plant etc, for cleaning and grading of various grain by socket separation of round impurities/com cockle, vetch, the half grains, round shaped impurities and long shaped impurities. The object of the machine is to seperate cockles, vetches and broken dernels from grain...

Operation : Round grain : The round grain which are smaller than full grain are collected by the indent pockets of the rotating cylinder and lifted until dropped by gravity in to the full grains fall away and rotate towards the outlet.

Long grain : In this case the grains fit in to pockets while the longer seeds are conveyed to the outlet.

Small and broken grains : The recovery of small and broken grains is achievable through the resorting cylinders used after the main sorting. The indents of rotating cylnders are put of different sizes as per the size of grain to be removed through indent pockets.

Order Code
Dia mm Length mm Length mm. L Width in mm. Height mm H
BHI-ATSM-1550 440 2200 2770 660 800 1 / 960 x 1
BHI-ATSM-1560 440 2200 2770 660 1600 1 / 960 x 2
BHI-ATSM-1570 440 2200 2770 660 2400 1 / 960 x 3