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Effective cleaning and grading machine

Application : The machine is used for cleaning and Grading of grains namely wheat. Rice, Soyabean, Corn etc, by means of a set of two sieves. The machine can be attached to an Aspiration system.

Operation : The stock is fed by a gravity spout in to the centre of the inlet box oscillating with the machine. A distribution baffle with a adjustable slide gate distributes the stock across the entire width of the screen. The through from this first screen drop on to the lower screen, while the overs and discharged laterally through the outlet section. The through of the second screen drop to the bottom, being removed at the centre of the outlet section of the machine. The overs from the second screen are directed through the outlet section to the tail-end Aspiration channel.

Features :
(i) Low power consumption.
(ii) Permanent attendance not necessary
(iii) Free-swinging sieves with unidirectional screen motion.
(iv) Drive by means of Vibrators located in the centre of gravity of the machine.

Order Code Number of Section Number of Frames Gross Sifting
Area Sq. Met
in mm
Length Width Powder
BHI-ATSM-1600 2 6 3 1800 1500 x 1100 1.00 H.P.
BHI-ATSM-1610 2 8 4 2000 1500 x 1100 1.50 H.P.
BHI-ATSM-1620 2 10 5 2200 1500 x 1100 1.50 H.P.