Horizontal Intensive Scourer


Intensive cleaning of grains, Low power consumption

Application : The scourer is used in cleaning department for the following purposes :
(i) The loosening of dirt adhering to the surface of the grain.
(ii) The scouring of the loosened i.e. torn liquite fibre hulls after dampening.
(iii) The reduction of undersirable micro organisms and bacteria content.

Operation : The stock fed tangentially into the machine is accelerated in such a manner, that the mass of kernels move along the jacket due to the centrifugal force towards outlet. The paddles of the rotor set at an incline move without damaging the kernels through the mass of product towards outlet. The jacket allows small abrasion particles to pass through the wire mesh. The remainer of the material detached by abrasion is usually removed by a subsequent aspiration channel. This machine is designed in such a manner that an Aspiration Channel with vibrator can be post fitted for aspiration of residual dust and chaff.

Order Code Length mm
Width mm
Height mm
Air Volume
m³ /min
Capacity TPH
Machine Aspiration Channel
H.P. R.P.M H.P. R.P.M
BHI-ATSM-1630 2240 820 1720 70 4 - 5 7.5 960 0.5 960
BHI-ATSM-1640 2750 820 1720 90 6 - 8 10 960 0.5 960