Rotolipse Separator


Applications :- The machine is used for cleaning the impurities from wheat, Barley, Rice, Soyabean, Paddy, Maize and other Cereal grain in silo and milling plants. This machine has classic arrangement of combining the rotary movement of the sieve at the sieve at the head end and linear movement at the tail end. The rotary motion of the head end distributes the material evenly over the screen. The linear motion of the discharge end is ideal for grain with a large length. This machine is hence, considered as most effective and important cleaning machine.

Operation :- The material to be separated falls through inlet on to the coarse screen removes impurities as straw, stones & jute strings (Sutli) etc. The main body of the machine consists of two decks of sieves for the removal of both large and fine impurities. The through from the first sieve drop on the lower sieve which removes send & other fine impurities. The overs from the screen is cleaned grain and pass to the aspiration channel. Light particles are carried away by the aspirating air while the separated and aspirated product falls to the outlet.

Order Code Length mm
Width mm
Height mm
Sieve Length
Sieve Width
Power HP Capacity TPH
BHI-ATSM-1670 1900 1355 1000 1600 1000 1.5 8 - 10
BHI-ATSM-1680 2100 1600 1220 1800 1200 2 12 - 15
BHI-ATSM-1690 2600 1900 1300 2300 1500 3 20 -22