BHI-SMHC-1011 Survey compass 100 mm
BHI-SMHC-1011A Survey compass 50 mm
BHI-SMHC-1023 Liquid type engineering compass with Round window & outside vertical graduation
BHI-SMHC-1012 Clinometer compass
BHI-SMHC-1014 Sun compass right angle turner
BHI-SMHC-1015 Halmet compass in wooden box.
BHI-SMHC-1016 Halmet compass with Halmet.
BHI-SMHC-1018 Brunton compass with heavy pattern
BHI-SMHC-1021 Brunton type Clinometer compass with Round window
BHI-SMHC-1022 Liquid type engineering compass with Slide vertical graduation to show East, West, South & North
BHI-SMHC-1024 Liquid type engineering compass with Vertical window without side graduation
BHI-SMHC-1027 Flat compass round
BHI-SMHC-1033 Pocket compass
BHI-SMHC-1028 Clinometer compass with stand
BHI-SMHC-1029 Round compass in wooden case
BHI-SMHC-1029A Round compass in wooden case oval type
BHI-SMHC-1032 Rasi compass
BHI-SMHC-1038 Abney level
BHI-SMHC-1039 Magnifying glass with fix legs
BHI-SMHC-1105 Magnifying glass with stand
BHI-SMHC-1045 Dumpy level
BHI-SMHC-1047 Dumpy level
BHI-SMHC-1050 Dumpy level
BHI-SMHC-1052 Box sextant
BHI-SMHC-1053 Nautical sextant
BHI-SMHC-1054A Nautical sextant double base
BHI-SMHC-1058 Nautical sextant with micrometer With One telescope
BHI-SMHC-1061 Nautical sextant round pattern without micrometer With double telescope
BHI-SMHC-1063A Engine room telegraph with watch wooden base
BHI-SMHC-1063B Engine room telegraph with watch full base
BHI-SMHC-1063 Engine room telegraph
BHI-SMHC-1065 Theodolite
BHI-SMHC-1066 Theodolite
BHI-SMHC-1067 Theodolite
BHI-SMHC-1072 Theodolite round pattern
BHI-SMHC-1074 Binocular with leather mounting
BHI-SMHC-1086 Brass telescope
BHI-SMHC-1087 Brass telescope
BHI-SMHC-1098 Brass telescope taper with leather Mounting
BHI-SMHC-1099 Telescope double leather mounting Five folds
BHI-SMHC-1086A Brass telescope with three folds leather covering
BHI-SMHC-1089 Telescope wooden type
BHI-SMHC-1091 Telescope wooden type
BHI-SMHC-1093 Telescope leather covering
BHI-SMHC-1100 Small sun compass
BHI-SMHC-1126 Compass 47 mm with black dial
BHI-SMHC-1127 Compass 47 mm with moving disc
BHI-SMHC-1104 Magnifying glass with brass handle
BHI-SMHC-1161 Magnifying glass with wooden handle dia
BHI-SMHC-1105A Magnifying glass with stand (Light pattern)
BHI-SMHC-1105C Magnifying glass dia on stand
BHI-SMHC-1128B Brass sand timer size: 200 mm 5 min
BHI-SMHC-1106 Telescope with Brass stand
BHI-SMHC-1123 Key ring with mini lamp
BHI-SMHC-1132 Key ring with bell
BHI-SMHC-1133 Key ring with dog whistle
BHI-SMHC-1136 Key ring with wooden pulley brass inled
BHI-SMHC-1137 Key ring with fish
BHI-SMHC-1124 Key ring with compass
BHI-SMHC-1128A Brass sand timer size: 100 mm 2 min
BHI-SMHC-1128C Brass sand timer key ring
BHI-SMHC-1128 Brass sand timer with sliding frame 3 min
BHI-SMHC-1129 Key ring with knot 1st
BHI-SMHC-1130 Key ring with 2nd
BHI-SMHC-1131 Key ring with 3rd
BHI-SMHC-1134 Key ring with nautical sextant
BHI-SMHC-1143 Square compass with wooden box With brass inlaid
BHI-SMHC-1144 Square compass with wooden box With brass inlaid & brass wheel on Top & globe brass inside
BHI-SMHC-1145 Square compass with wooden box With brass inlaid & brass anchor on Top
BHI-SMHC-1143A Rose wood square compass with Brass inlaid on top
BHI-SMHC-1152 Navy pattern divider
BHI-SMHC-1149 Stanly London pattern divider
BHI-SMHC-1150 Stanly London pattern half set ink compass
BHI-SMHC-1159 Divider round type
BHI-SMHC-1151 Stanly London pattern divider
BHI-SMHC-1155 Center wheel pencil compass as per I.S.I. Specification
BHI-SMHC-1154 Stanly London pattern hair spring divider
BHI-SMHC-1153 Stanly London pattern pencil compass
BHI-SMHC-1157 Rotating ink compass
BHI-SMHC-1158 Screw driver
BHI-SMHC-1156 Center wheel ink compass
BHI-SMHC-1156A Center wheel divider
BHI-SMHC-1160 Reversible level
BHI-SMHC-1163 Wheel compass with black dial
BHI-SMHC-1162 Wheel compass with black dial
BHI-SMHC-1164 Wheel compass with black dial
BHI-SMHC-1166 Hanging compass on stand
BHI-SMHC-1167 Tangent Clinometer compass on stand With adjustable foot screw
BHI-SMHC-1168 Hygrometer
BHI-SMHC-1169 Thermometer
BHI-SMHC-1170 Aneroid barometer