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Models 1790/1791 are cost effective, high power, regulated DC power supplies with 640-Watt output. They are linear high current DC power supplies suitable for bench operation or standard 19" rack operation. These linear power supplies are high power workhorses that will easily deliver clean power to you high-current circuits.

Ideal for telecom application
Since noise elimination is critical for telecom application, the 1790 & 1791 DC power supplies offer low noise output, so that power supply noise does not interfere with testing of telecom devices. The 1790 & 1791 are ideal for manufacturers who build equipment for telecom industry that operates from 48V or higher DC rail such as: base stations, switches public and private telecom network
Equipment, PBX system and DC-to-DC power supplies that provide power to this equipment.
These well-regulated constant voltage/constant current supplies deliver 0-32V at 0-20A (Model 1790) or 0-64 at 0-10A (Model 1791). They can be adjusted continuously throughout the output range by front panel controls. The units will automatically cross over from constant voltage to constant current mode and vice-versa if the output exceeds preset limits. Front panel LED meters are provided for monitoring voltage and current. The load terminals and remote sense terminals are located on the front panel. Either the positive or negative output terminal may be grounded of floated up to a maximum of +-300V DC above ground.

Special features include the ability to set constant current with no load and remote sense to compensate for any wire loss. The 1790 and 1791 are designed to meet CE specifications and have superior performance to comparable models costing 20 to 30% more.

Constant Voltage/ Constant Current Operation
Remote Programming Facility
Facility for Presetting the Output Voltage and Max. Load current Limits
Separate DC Output ON/OFF switch
Remote Sensing Facility
High Stability and Close Regulation +-0.01%
Meet CE Specifications