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Lab optical Voice Link trainer is an introduction to the mysteries and science of fiber optics. This instrument consists of a Fiber Optic Transmitter & Receiver using Fiber Optic Cable. The trainer can be used in demonstrating the marvels of fiber Optics or for a number of practical uses in any commercial or industrial application.

The trainer consists of all componenets to study about a fully functional fiber-optic voice link. The Link can be extended upto 12 meters with cable and splices purchased separately. A portion of the instruction call for the use of an oscilloscope to perform demonstrations and to make certain measurements.

It is helpful but not indispensable. You can learn a significant amount about the science of fiber optics by using the Fiber Optic Transmitter/ Receiver Trainer.

APPLICATIONS : Several objectives can be accomplished utilising the Optical Voice Link. An Instructor may use it as a short hands-on fiber optic curriculum or as a module to demonstrate befor the class. A student may use this kit for science project. A hobbyist can use this as a home or industrial project to amaze his friends. Experience and knowledge will be gained by working with the Electronic Microphone Analog Fiber Optic Transmitterr and Receiver and the fiber cable interfaces. You can hear your own voice for example after it has been converted into light and then coupled into through and out of an optical fiber.
POWER SUPPLY : Transmitter +9V /500ma
Receiver +9V / 1A
HOUSING : It is housed in an elegant suitcase for easy portability
POWER : It is operated on 230VAC mains operated.
DIMENSION : 42.5cms x 36cms x 10.5cms -2- Units
WEIGHT : ( Approx.) 1KG x Units