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The low-priced Basic Fiber Optics Kit comprising three components, namely an SMA connectorised 660 nm, F.O LED, a matching phototransistor and an SMA- connectorised one-meter optical fiber PMMA fiber patch cord. Analogue Transceiver Module as used to transmit and receive analogue voltage signals via the optical fiber medium. This trainer is supplied as a fully assembled and tested single- sided glass epoxy printed circuit board (PCB). To make the system operational an internal regulated dual power supply +5VDc +9VDc and a signal source are provided. An oscilloscope/DMM will be required to study the signals. Some components have been provided to facilitate easy change, by the user, to achieve desired performances and to take measurements. Through minor alterations in the circuit change of Ics and increase in cable length, a bandwidth in excess of 100 KHz and distances over 20 meters can be achieved.

Note: Lab Electronics offer a professional FO Kit, (850nm on multimode GI fibers) for large bandwidth and low loss designs.
The realization of a FO analogue transmission trainer using Fiber-optic cable is shown. The optical output from the LED is looped back to the detector via the PMMA patch cord. Some of the studies one can carry out on the trainer are :

(1) Characteristics of the FO LED
(2) Characteristics of FO photodetector
(3) System bandwidth and Linearity
(4) Attenuation and numerical aperture of the PMMA fiber.
The trainer comes with fully assembled and tested, single sided glass epoxy PCB with sloping fiber cabinet for better viewing. Test points are provided for measurement and springs are provided for patching the circuit.

HOSING : It is housed in an elegant sloping fiber cabinet
DIMENSION : 27cms x 17cms x 8cms
WEIGHT : ( Approx.) 500 GMS
POWER : 230V/50Hz AC Mains