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Modular electronics training system package redefines Hands-on teaching and learning. This modular package is supplied with Mother module and various experimental modules in each topic covering all important principles and experiments related to that particular topic. In each topic we supply minimum of 5 experimental module and maximum of 35 modules depending upon the topic. These experimental modules are designed using most modern CAD tools with circuit diagram neatly printed in Multi-Colours for easy identification and fixed components like resistors, capacitors, inductors. Transistors are soldered on the back of the PCB so that students are not allowed to tamper with the components. Variable components like Potentiometers, Gang-condensers, Trim-pots and ICs are mounted on top of the modules for the students to take measurements. These modules are pre-assembled so that students do not waste time in the laboratory in search of components and more number of experiments can be conducted in a given time frame. But, you are not restricted to using only the experiments provided. With this modular trainer flexibility and your imagination, any number of experiments are possible. Components are well placed to provide students with a clear, uncluttered view of each component and circuitry with plenty of room to make measurements.

Features and specifications of modular training system

Specifications of experimental modules

1. Dimension : 27 cms X 17 cms

Specifications of mother module

1. DC power supply :     Fixed DC Output: + ISV/0.5A: -1 5V/0.5A
                                   Variable DC Output: + 1.2V to + 15V/0.5A
                                                                  - 1.2V to - 15V/0.5A
2. Potentiometers :       1 K, 100K OHMS are provided

3.Function Generator :   It has built in function Generator that can generate
                                   Sine, square and triangle wave forms. This generator is
                                   Completely an IC version with frequencies ranging from
                                   2Hz to 200KHz in five-decade ranges.

Frequency range
                                   1. 2Hz - 20Hz
                                   2. 20Hz - 200Hz
                                   3. 200Hz - 2KHz
                                   4. 2KHz - 20KHz
                                   5. 20KHz - 200KHz

AMPLITUDE:                  0 - 10 VOLTS PEAK TO PEAK OUTPUT INTO 50 ohms.

4. Clock generator :         It has TTL compatible clock generator of exactly 1 Hz.

5. 8 - Bit Data Switches : 8 toggle switches and corresponding output points are provided for giving. Inputs to digital                                      gates. When the switch is set at down position the output is LO level; when the switch is at                                      UP position the output is HI level.

6. Four channel adapter : 2 Banana sockets and 2 BNC jacks are provided for connecting to peripheral devices

7. Two Digits of 7 - segment : Decimal Displays Are Provided Display

8. Two pulser switches : Numbers of Debouncing pulser switches are provided

9. 8 - bit led display :      LED lamps are provided for monitoring output in digital circuits.

10. Dimension :              Mother Module: 41cms x 28cms x l0cms

11. Weight :                   (Approx.) 1 KG