Qty Comments

The motor is totally enclosed : at its upper end there is a rigid seal and below the thrust bearing there is a diaphragm that tends to equalize internal & external pressure by yielding when the heat from the windings causes the water in the motor to expand. The top & bottom seals are provided to prevent any exchange of liquids.

The discharge connection located at the top of the pump incorporates a non return value and can be supplied with either flanged or screwed connection. The pump suction housing is located between the pump & the motor and provided with a perforated strainer. The cable or cables are lead out of the motor through cable sealing glands and protected against accidental damage from knock or shocks, by means of metal cable sheath along the length of the pump body. The pump shaft is connected to the motor by a muff type coupling.
150mm (6”) BOREWELL and more
RP-142-50 to 380 LPM & Heads up to 200 Meters
RP-150-200 to 1500 LPM & Heads up to 150 Meters
200mm (8”) BOREWELL and more
RP-200-300 to 3000 LPM & Heads up to 150 Meters
300mm (12”) BOREWELL and more
RP-225 & RP-250 - 1500 to 5100 LPM & Heads up to 120 Meters
Immune to frost, because of installation depth below frost level
Can be easily installed in crooked wells
Economic in operation because of high overall efficiency of pumping set
Reliable in operation because of well proven design & construction
Require no maintenance because it is a gland less construction and is water lubricated
Low noise level because of journal bearings
No loss of suction because installation is below the water level
Can also be installed horizontally in certain cases.