Bulk Type (Helical) Water Meters

Qty Comments

Design : The Helical Water Meters are designed for measuring at large flows of water with very low head loss. The counter mechanism is of straight reading cyclometer with one center point. They conform to IS:2373/1981 in all respects.

Material of construction : The body is made of special grade Cast Iron and lined through with brass, tested to withstand a pressure of 16kg/cm². Water meter gears & shafts coming in contact with water are made of stainless steel grade 07Cr18Ni9 of IS:1570 (Part V)/1985. Impeller Bearings are of sapphire / Agate suitably ground and polished. The rear bearing is also of Sapphire / Agate mounted in brass housing.

Requirements: The meter is suitable for use with water at temperatures upto 45°C and conform to B.I.S. specifications IS: 2373-1981