ROTARY MICROTOME (Latest Spencer 820 Model)

Qty Comments

A heavy base with hinged cover for protecting the Interior mechanism, and knife holder. With every
complete revolution of the drive wheel, the feed panel engaged the teeth of ratchet wheel which advances
the object holder through cone and inclined plane mechanics tissue sections can be cut down to even 1-MICRON A safety device automatically disengages the feed mechanism. Feed indicator is in front and fed setting is at back of \microtome which sets 1-50 micron.
A razor 120mm made from heat treated steel and tested for Micro structure is supplied. There is
Arrangement to tilt angle of razor adjustable up to 30 degree on reference scale.

Feed adjustment l-50 Micron (in step of 1 Micron)
Total feed excursion 28 mm opening of object clamp.
Ball and flange type 37x25mm
Overall size 400x250x175mm with wooden case.
Weight 25 kg. Approx.