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1. Purification of Water.
2. Manufacture of Cement & Quick Lime. 3. Preparation of Sulphur Dioxide & Sulphuric Acid by Chamber and Contact Process.
4. Manufacture of Bleaching Powder and Soap.
5. Preparation of Chlorine and Manufacture of Hydrochloric Acid.
6. Reciprocal Combustion, Bunser Candle Flame and the Coal Gas Plant.
7. Preparation of Nitrogen and Manufacture of Nitric Acid from Nitre.
8. Preparation of Ammonia and Manufacture of Ammonia by Haber's Process.
9. Mining of Petroleum, Fractional Distillation and Cracking of Oil.
10. Manufacture of Sodium Hydroxide & Sodium Carbonate (Ammonia Soda Process)
11. Preparation of Oxygen & Liquification of Air.
12. Extraction of Iron (Blast Furnace).
13. Distillation, Sublimation and Filtration.
14. Bromine.
15. Manufacture of Ice & Sugar.
16. Composition of Water by Weight Electrolysis and Synthesis of Water.
17. Aluminium Metallurgy.
18. Match Industry.
19. Preparation of Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide.
20. Sulphur & Phosphorus.
21. Manufacture of Glass. (All Types). 22. Manufacture of Oil Gas. (Fuel Gases).
23. Iodine
24. Structure of Atom.
25. Chemical bonding.
26. Copper and its Alloys.
27. The Metals
28. Manufacture of Magnesium.
29. Extraction of Zinc.
30. Extraction of Lead.
31. Molecules of Ethyl Alcohol (Glucose).
32. Nuclear Energy (Fission & Fussion Reactions; Nuclear Reactor).
33. Sodium.
34. Calcium.
35. Organic Chemistry I (Allotropy Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes)
36. Organic Chemistry II (Alcohols, Esters and Organic Acids).