Qty Comments

500mm, diameter, steel, disc is faced with matt white. It is marked every 5 , with extended lines every 10 and 30 , cross lines mark the centre. The disc is mounted on a 25 mm diameter steel tube 390 mm long which fits into a stable base with levelling feet. The disk rotates about it centre and can be locked in any desired position. The lamphouse holds a 12 V, 24 Watt axial filament lamp. This lamphouse is covered by a rotatable outer shield that has various slots. By rotating the shield light beams of varying width can be provided as well as narrow single, double and triple beams. Attached to the lamphouse is an adjustable lens carrier with lens to provide diverging, parallel or converging light beams. The lamphouse is mounted on a rotatable arm that can be locked in any position. A sliding weight on the arm acts as a counterpoise.
All optical elements are supplied with magnets attached so that they can be attached at any place on the disc. The disc is supplied complete with the accessories listed below:
1 only Lamphouse with lamp, 2 only Plane Mirrors, 1 only Cylindrical Mirror, 1 only Semicircular block, 1 only Bio-convex Lens, 1 only Bio-concave Lens, 1 only Trapezoidal block.