Platinum Resistance Thermometers
Circular Chart. Temperature/ Pressure Recorder. Potentio- Meter Single /Three /Six /Twelve Points. Strip Chart Recorder. Thermohygrograph. Metal Recorder, Recorder Charts Resistance Thermometer any design any type as per the guidance of National Physical Laboratory. (N.P.L.)
Potentiometric Indicating Controller. Pyrometer Contollor. Temperature/ Pressure Controllers.Solid State PI/PID Controllers. Edge type Delux Model Pyrometer. Pyrometer with Handle. Pyrometer Controller (Single Point/Double Point)
Solenoid Valves (Industrial Fluid Power Production)
Test Manometer. Laboratory Single Limb Manometer. 'U ' Tube Manometer. Inclind Manometer. Differential Monometer. Solenoid Valves, Solenoid ValvesPilot Operated normally opened. Heavy Duty Solenold Valve with actuated. Solenold valve with hand reset. Three way Solenoid valve. Peppet Type valve. Three way/Four way Solenoid valve, Disphragm operated Solenoid valve.
Filter, Regulator, Lubricator.
Purgerota-Meters. Magnetic Rota Meters. Tank 'O 'Meter. Magnetic Level Indicators. Guges Tacho - Meter. (Purification)Air Filters. High Capacity Air Filter. Pressure Regulator. Air Lubricator. Air Filter cum Pressure regulator, Commercial Filter-Regulator. Lubricator. Combined. Filter Dehumidifier. Silicagel Drier.
Thermocouples /Compensating Lead
Control Valve
Straight Thermocouple (CR/AL.IRON/Costantan PT/PT-RD).Angle Form Thermocouple with Flange.Thermocouple for Injection Moulding Machines. Thermocouple for extruders. Surface Thermocouple.Diptype Thermocouples. Compensating lead in Iron/ Constantan. CR/AL. PT/PT- RD(in PVC , IRON Braided. Stainless Steel, Braided .Esbestos Covered). Control Valve Single Seated. Control Valve Double Seated. Hand Shut Off Valve. Needle Valves. Stainless Steel Valves.
Flow Measurement
Flow Meters (Direct on Line). Flow Meter (Flanged ). Acryelic Flow Meter By Pass Flow Meter. (Phenumatic and Hydraulic) 1" dia to 12" diameter.

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