Food Testing Instruments
1. Oven electrical heated, thermostatically controlled.
2. Lovibond Tintometer with 10 mm cells. Distillation unit. Refrigerator.
3. Oil Bath. Graduated tapered centrifuge tubesline capacitor Chromatographic tank 36"X28"X28" cm.
4. Dean & Stark assembly.
5. Water bath. Electrically heated.
6. apparatus P.H. Meters.
7. Abbe refractometer.
8. Furnace. Temp. range 800*C electrically heated.
9. U.V. spectphotometer.
10. Nitrogen gas cylinder.
11. Chromatgraphic apparatus.
( House hold electrical equipments & appliances )
Kelvin Bridge
Cable & Insulating Materials Testing Equipment
1. Spot Reflecting Galvanometer. Adjustable Heavy Duty D.C. Source. Insulation Master. Portable. Wheatstone Brige. Direct Reading Potentio Meter. Electrical & Electronic Instruments. 1. AC High Voltage Tester. Upto 100 KV-250 KVA.
2. INSULATION TESTERS Hand Generating and Electronic (Battery Operated) Type from 50V to 5000V. 2. D Spark Tester 0.40 KV.
3. Earth Testers Hand Generating and Electronic (Battery Operated) Type, 3 Terminals having
(Single Range, Dual Range and Triple) as well as
four Ranges from 2 ohms to 10,000 ohms.
3. Double Kelvin Bridge.
4. Portable Pocket type Voltage Testers and line Indicator upto 500V. 4. Abrasion Testing Machines for Enamelled wires.
5. Multi Meters. Multi Testers. AVO Meters. Clip
on type Multimeters.
5. Tensile Testing Machine cap. 250 kg. To 10 tonnes.
6. Panel & Portable Voltmeters. Ammeters, Watt Meters. Power Factor Meters. Frequency Meters
in 28 designs.
6. Oil Tester Set. Cap. Upto 0-100KV.
7. Electronic ohm (Resistance) Meter in variety of ranges. 7. Million Mega-Ohmeter.
8. Detectors and Phase Squence Indicators. 8. Finger Test Apparatuses.
  9. Ohm-meter. Frequency meter Dimmerestats.

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