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It is a double walled unit mounted on a sturdy angle iron frame. Inner and outer made up of heavy M.S sheet with outer duly hammertone painted and inner with high temperature aluminium paint. The gap between two walls in fitted with high grade glass wool to minumuse thermal loss. Brackets to support the heavily laden drying trays at adjustable height are provided on the sides of inner walls. Heating is brought about by strip type air heaters, and each heater is and independent unit which can be easily replaced in event of failure.
Temperature range from 50°C to 250°C is controlled by "EGO" /"JUMO" GERMAN hydraulic type thermostat with an accuracy of ± 5°C A 100 m.m. dia stem type dial thermometer indicates the inner chamber temperature. Ventilation is provided with adustable opening at the top to exhaust the fumes or vapours produced during processing. Unit is supplied with 3 shelves and extra shelves can be supplied at extra cost. A heavy duty 'V' belt driven motor suitable capacity provides forced air circulation so as to ensure uniform heating throughout the inner chamber. A separate control panel is fitted to the camber with individual control for ON/OFF air circulating fan and thermostat. To work on 400/440 Volts A.C. supply only.