Bellstone Automated Random Access Clinical Chemistry Analyzer



The barcoded reagents and sample identification minimises programming time. Bar coded sample tubes provides positive sample identification and minimises risk of biological harzards.

Special Feature

  • Through put of 600 Tests / hour (with SE)
  • 50 Position prmary tube sampling with barcode identfication
  • 50 Position refrgerated reagent compartment
  • Bar coded reagents with system packs
  • Permanent individual hard glass cuvettes with on board wash station
  • Econom ca 200 µ reading volume
  • Direct reading ISE for Na/K/C
  • Mut wavelength diffraction grating with 12 wavelength (340 750 nm).
  • Touch screen color monitor
  • Windows based user friendly software
  • Samples & Reagent probes with vertical obstruction & level detection sensor
  • Reliable Weight based level detection for water, waste & cleaning solutions
  • Separate container for bio-harzardous waste collection

The specially designed designed Twin Layered sample disk provides umatched flexibility and convenience. The outer ring has 50 positions & the inner ring has 30 positions.