Bellstone Automated Chemistry Analyser


Special Feature

  • Automated, Bench-top, Programmable Batch Analyser
  • Ideal for Routine Chemistries, Immuncohemistries, Electrolytes
  • 6 Profiles of upto 16 chemistries each to simplify your task of profile management
  • Flexibility to run both single and two reagent chemistries
  • Automatic flagging of abnormal test samples with exhaustive interpretative messages
  • Peltier controlled flow cell programmable for 25°, 30° & 37° C
  • 18 µl Flow cell volume for economical running costs (reading volume typically 500 µl)
  • Programmable wash cycles between samples and tests for minimising carryover
  • 8 Narrow band interference filters in the range 340- 700 mm to permit a wide variety of applications.
  • Rs 232 Serial port for computer interface

Built-in graphics printer for instant hard copy of test result including graphs of kinetic reactions and calibration curves.

Conveniently located peristalitic pump, syringe water and waste bottles (with level sensors) for easy accessibility and maintenance.