Bellstone Microprocessor Based pH Meter


Special Feature

  • 16 x 2 Line LCD Display
  • Measures pH, mV & Temperature
  • Auto Buffer Recognition Facility
  • Storage for 90 Samples
  • Printer Attachment Facility

Bellstone Microprocessor Based pH Meter Model BHI-LSR-384 is high performance microcontroller based system for accurate, reliable & precise pH, mV and Termperature measurements. The microprocessor technology and advanced engineering techniques used, give enhanced accuracy and reproducibility. The system has user friendly prompts which guide you throughout the measurement process.

The instrument has built-in error codes which alert you to incorrect buffers, over-range and procedural error. It has auto buffer recognition facility. Both auto and manual termperature compensation facility is available. It has 8 soft touch membrane type keys for ease of operation. Storage facility for 90 samples has been provided, which are retained in the system's memory. It also has the provision for attachment of dot-matrix printer.

The instrument is extremely useful for chemical & pharaceutical industries, agriculture and soil testing laboratories, swimming pools, water quality control in boiler feed water, water works depts., Fertilzer plants, petroleum refineries breweries and water purification plants etc. RS 232C interface can also be provided on request.

Range 0 to 14.00 pH  0 to ± 1999.9 mV  0 to 100°C
Resolution 0.01 pH  0.1 mV  0.1°C
Accuracy ± 0.01 pH ± 1digit  0.1 mV ±1 digit  ± 0.1°C
Temperature 0 to 100°C    
Compensation Auto/Manual  -  -
Calibration Auto/Manual   -  -
Auto Buffer Recognition 4.00, 7.00 & 9.20 pH    -  -
Readout 16 x 2 Line Alphanumeric LCD Display   
Storage Up of 90 Samples   
Printer Attachment Provision for any dot-matrix printer with centronic interface   
Key Board 8 Keys, Soft Touch Membrane Type   
Power 230V  ± 10% AC, 50Hz  
Weight  2.5 Kg (Approx.)  
Accessories  Combination pH Electrode, Temperature Probe, pH Electrode Stand, Buffer Tablets (7.0 & 4.0 pH), Operation Manual, Dust cover  
;Product Range  Microprocessor Flame Photometer, Digital Spectrophotometer, Microprocessor Conductivity/TDS Meter, Microprocessor Photo Colorimeter Turbidity Meter, Microprocessor KF Titremeter, Microprocessor DO Meter, Microprocessor pH Meter, Digital Flame Photometer, Microprocessor Water & Soil Analysis Kit, Digital clinical Flame Photometer (Dual Channel).