Bellstone Digital Spectrophotometer


Special Feature

  • Range 340 to 960 nm
  • Direct Concentration Facility
  • Latest Solid Stat IC technology
  • Digital Display
  • Highly Stable and Accurate

Bellstone Digital Spectrophotometer Model BHI-LSR-420 is an economical, reliable, rugged and most accurate system for spectrophotometric analysis of any consecration. It operates at a wavelength range of 340 to 960 nm. The output is available on a 3½ digit LED display in terms of Optical Density, Percentage Pransmission and concentration.

Highly advanced solid stable I.C. Technology has made its circuit very stable and accurate. Rotating disc makes the calibrartion extremely simple. Desired wavelength can be selected by adusting the disco provided at the top panel

Range 340 to 960 nm
Resolution 0.1% T :, Abs : 0 to 1.999, Conc : 0 to 1999
Output % T : 0 To 100%, Abs : 0 to 1.999, Conc : 0 to 1999
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Light Sources 6V.1 Amp. Vertical Tungsten Halogen Lamp
Monochromator 600 Lines/mm grating
Path Length 10 mm
Spectral Bandwidth 10 mm
Wavelength Resolution 5 nm
Wavelength Accuracy 2.5 nm
Repeatability ± 2 nm
Recorder Output Available
Display 3½ Digit Bright Red LED Display
Operating Temp. Range 5°C to 45°C
Power 230V ± 10% AC, 50 Hz
Dimensions 490 x 300 x 165 nm
Weight 8.5 Kgm (Approx.)
Accessories * Test Tubes (10 mm path length) 10 nos   * Operation Manual   * Dust Cover
Product Range Digital UV/VIS Spectrophotometer, Semi Auto Analyser, Microprocessor pH System, Spectrophotometer, Microprocessor Based Flame Photometer, Water & Soil Analysis Kit, Digital Photo Colorimeter, Filter Photo Colorimeter, Digital pH Meter,Nephelo / Turbidity Meter, Microprocessor Based K.F. Titrimeter, Digital D.O. Meter, Digital Conductivity / TDS Meter, Temperature Indicator, Digital Telethermometer, Digital Salinity Meter, Portable Instruments