Bellstone Microprocessor Photo Colorimeter


Special Feature

  • Highly Accurate & Stable
  • Range 400 to 700 nm
  • 16 x 2 Line Alphanumeric LCD Display
  • Printer Attachment Facility
  • Storage For 100 Samples
  • Soft Touch Membrane Keys

Bellstone Microprocessor Photo Colorimeter Mode BHI-LSR-437 is a compact and easy to operate instrument for Photo Colorimetric analysis of a solution of any concentration. The output is available on 16x2 Line LCD display in terms of % Transmission (%T), Absorbance (Abs), Concentration (Conc) and K Factor. This instrument has 100-sample storage memory and printer output facility for printing data with any dot matrix printer. The use of Microcontroller has made it extremely versatile and accurate instrument. 10mm path length matched test tubes are used for sample and blank. Facility has been provided to store the last K Factor and the standard concentration value. User can also enter any known 'Factor' for a test, there by eliminating the need to re-run standard again & again.

The use of high class standard wide range glass filters covering 400 to 700 nm givef extremely good results. The filter setting is controlled by a rotating disc having 8 filter. An automatic shutter is provided to stop the light reaching the photocell, when test tube is noty inserted in the tube holder. This increases teh life of photocell tremendously.

Wave Length Range 400 to 700 nm
Resolution 1% T, 0.01 Abs., 0.01 Conc., 0.01 K Factor
% Transmission 0-100% T
Absorbance 0-1.99 A
Concetration 0-19999
K Factor 1-19999
Photo Detector Silicon Photodiode/ Photo Cell
Display 16 x 2 line alphanumeric LCD display with backlit for % T, Abs., Conc., K Factor
Keyboard 8 Keys,soft touch membrane type
Data storage Upto 100 samples
Light Source 6.8V, 0.3 Amp. Tungsten Lamp
Sample system 10 mm path length ;matched glass test tubes
Filters 400, 420, 480, 500, 540, 620, 680nm
Printer Interface Centronics Parallel Printer interface for any dot matrix printer
Rs 232c Interface Available (on request)
Dimensions 242 x 254 x 90 mm (L x B x H)
Weight 2.5 Kg. (Approx).
power Supply 230 V AC ± 10% 50 Hz. with in-built stabilizer
Accessories Matched Test Tube Set of 5, Operation Manual, Dust Cover, Spare Lamp
Product Range Microprocessor Flame Photometer,Digital Flame Photometer, Microprocessor conductivity/TDS Meter, Microprocessor Photo Colorimeter, Microprocessor KF Titrimeter, Microprocessor DO Meter, Microprocessor pH Meter,Microprocessor Water & Soil Analysis Kit, Digital Clinical Flame Photometer (Dual Channel)