Bellstone Digital Automatic Karl Fisher Titrator


Bellstone Digital Automatic Karl Fisher Titrator, BHI-LSR-450 The instrument is having a built- in magnetic stirrer with speed controller and is supplied complete with stirring rotor, reaction beaker with teflon clamp assembly, pair of pt Sensors, reservoirs with adaptors for reagent necessary tubings and manual of operating instructions.

A special large moisture tight beaker assembly can be supplied on request, as an optional accessory for estimation of very low moisture contents in samples such as transformer/insulating oil etc.

The instrument designed fo accurate estimation of moisture in various solid, Liquid or Gas samples. It is used in chemical Pharmaceutical, Food,Plastic, Petrochemical Rubber and many other industries in their Quality Control and R & D Laboratories. One of the important applications of this instrument is for accurate estimation of moisture in transformer/insulating oils etc.

The incorporation of latest typest of highly sensitive IC's in the circuitry in this instrument ensures trouble-free performance in this instrument ensures trouble-free performance with perfect reproducible results with total reliability. The Karl Fischer Reagent is added to the reaction beaker by a highly sensitive dispensing system and volumetrically displayed on the digital readout with readability 0.01 ml. The moisture in the sample can therefore be estimated conveniently in PPM or percentage, with righ degree of accuracy. The motorized dispensing system totally eliminates the necessity of delicate fragile burettes and control values, corrossive reagent. The sophisticated circuitry senses the 'End Point' and it is indicated by an audio alarm and an indicator.

Range of Moisture detection
10 PPM to 100% with appropriate sample size
Range of Internal Timer
5 to 180 Secs.
Display Readability
0.01 ml.
about 15 Kgs