BHI-MNS- 043

Anesthesia Machine meets with the safety features recommended by the International Standard Organisation.

Features :

  • Square tubular electrostatically powder coated steel secrtion
  • Steel Top Tray at eye level to keep monitoring equipment etc. (595mm 300mm)
  • Regulators for higher efficiency and reliability two each for Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide
  • Nitro Lock unit is provided which activates only when Oxygen Flowmeter control valve open to prevent the risk of administering 100% nitrous Oxide
  • Oxygen Flowmeter warning device-a pneumatic device activates audible alarm when Oxygen supply pressure falls 215 kpa.
  • Rotameter : Long (230mm) rotating bobbin flowmeters accurately calibrated.
  • Oxygen - 100 ml/min to 8 Litres/min
  • Nitrous Oxide -200 ml/min to 12 Litres/min
  • Vaporisers - Two plenum type avporiser for Ether and Trilene supplied & one Halothane vaporiser as standard.
  • Non-return cum pressure relief valve Minimise risk of backflow of gases, blows off when pressure exceeds 200 cm water column.
  • Emergency Oxygen Guarded Oxygen flush button outlet at table level
  • Accessories one Schrader type self sealing Oxygen out-lets (4.22 kg/cm²) for ventilators etc. Extended rear platform for two 10 litre water capacity cylinders. Circle Absorber can be securely mounted on the left side of the main frame.
  • Breathing Attachment Standard magill's circuit
  • Mobility large diameter castors wheels (130mm) with ball bearings. Front castors have brakes.
  • Dimension : H 150 cm x D 58 cm x W 60 cm
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