O.T. TABLE for use of C-Arm (Electric)


BHI-MNS- 384

Antero-posterior screening may be carried out with image intensifires without obstruction of the field by metal parts. Complete with Radio-lucent top with renovable pelvis rest and pelvis stem X-Ray lucent. Abduction bar allowing flexation / raising of legs and abduction / abduction ball joints locked from foot end. Two dynamometric traction devices on sliding bars with ball joints allowing traction and rotation of foot with traction boots. Padded orthopaedic knee crutches provides support to the legs of the patient. The traction unit with castors so easy and collapsible that it does not require large storing place. Table top made of transparent radiolucent fibre for X-Ray. Table base of M.S. covered with stainless steel for elegance fitted with fibre wheels for easy mobility / stability. Improved hydraulic pump (double lever) duly concealed in rectangular chamber covered with stainless steel. A very fine gear mechanism for smooth functions for the table with O-wobbling. Complete with standard accessories and special electricaly sealed mattress.

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