The perfect ventilators system which provides complete solution for the anesthesia application, Surgical ICU, Medical ICU, Ambulatory application, peripheral small setups where critical patients can be treated with high reliability and comfort. Its various safety features and alarms always keeps alert to paramedical staff and nursing assistants.

It is compact, works on very low electric supplies. Patient circuit is very easily maintained & managed. It can be easily attached with anesthesia (Boyle's) machine with Magil's & Bain's circuit application.


  • Tube Disconnection Alarm : Audio Visual alarm ification gives patient circuit leakage or disconnection of endo tracheal connections.
  • Mains Failure Alarm : Audio alarm sounds in the case of mains power failure
  • Operation Error : This alarm gives audio visual indications when ventilator is operated with improper settings
  • Unit Malfunction : Audio visual alarm indicates technical problem in operation
  • Insufficient Gas : Audio Visual alarm indicates low inputs supply of gas.
  • Excess Gas : Audio visual alarm indicates high supply of gas i.e. more than required quantity
  • Maximum Tidal Volume : 100 cc
  • Respiratory Frequency : 6 to 40 cycles per minute
  • Positive Pressure Limit : 30 cms of water (adjustable)
  • Inflation Pressure : LED Indication
  • Patient end : Fish mouth valve connected to endo tracheal tube
  • Sterlization : can be easily sterlized
  • Humidification : External humidifier can be attached
  • Volume controls : Digital Selection of volume in steps of 25cc, 100 to 1100cc
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