BHI-MNS- 780

  • It is a self rectified X-Ray generator with Stationary Anode X-Ray Tube.
  • Radiography Output 60mA, 40mA, and 25mA at 30 to 100 KVP.
  • Fluoroscopy Output 0 to 3 mA (Continuously variable) at 30 to 100 KVP.
  • Radiography KVP 30 to 100 KVP in steps of 5 KVP.
  • Line Voltage compensation 175 to 250 Volts in steps
  • Technic selection Independent selection of Fluroscopy, Radiography.
  • Bucky Radiography, Spot Film and mA selection of 25 mA, 40mA and 60mA
  • Solid state electronic timer having range of 0.02 to 10 seconds in 24 steps.
  • Built-in overload protection for safely of X-Ray Tube.
  • Indicators for Line, Overload, X-Ray and Fuse.
  • Power supply requirements Single Phase, 230 Volts, 50Hz Ac Power supply.
  • Standardisation and protection
  • The unit conforms to radiation protection requirements of AERB-BARC, Government of India.
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