Bellstone Digital Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus (Single Test)


The rate of release of medicament of the talet or capsules, under specified conditions can be determined by Dissolution Test, which is a very important test. This programmable microprocessor based instrument is designed to conduct the dissolution test having many unique feature.

The apparatus is equipped with wide informative two-line LCD screen to display the test parameters. The microprocessor-based circuitry accurately controls the test speed of stirrer motor. Maintains the test temperature of water bath / dissolution vessel duration of the test time etc. Bellstone Digital Single Test Dissolution Apparatus, Order Code : BHI-PTM-4510 consists of constant temperature acrylic water bath in which the dissolution vessel is immersed. Tablets or capsules are introduced in this vessel having S.S. stirrer with paddle of basket, designed as per USP Specification. The test temperature can be set by feather touch keyborad and it is maintained accurately.

The water bath is fitted with dependable platinum temperature sensor. The constant temperature of the dissolution vessel / water bath is perfectly maintained by the microprocessor circuitry.

The apparatus is provided with a very reliable maintenance free motor. The speed of the motor is controlled and maintained with ± 1 RPM by advanced microprocessor based system. The desired speed of the test, like 50, 100, 150 etc. can be easily set with the help of informative 'Key-Board" . A special feature of the instrument is programming of ' Test Intervals' and total test duration. The apparatus can be easily programmed for desired routine test intervals. An audio alarm gives clear indication after regular intervals to draw the test samples. The instrument is provided with Centronics printer Socket, paralle interface for printing validation chart.

The appratus is supplied with unbreakable transparent dissolution vessel of polycarbonate, as per IP/USP Specifications. Optional accessories like Amber Colored Dissolution Vessel, Capsule Sinkers, Spare Baskets also available.