Bellstone Tablet Hardness Tester


  • Thickness / Diameter and Hardness Measurements from one test.
  • Stepper motor driven mechanism.
  • Easy to Calibrate. Microcontroller based system with Backlit 2 line Big Character LCD Display.
  • Report generation and printing of report facility, the results are stored and can be printed even after power failure.
  • User friendly operations as completely Menu driven with suggested actions error message.

Bellstone Tablet Hardness Taster, Order Code : BHI- PTM-4560 Hardness Tester is to test the tablets or cores sweets etc. The Microprocessor control measurement system provides the versatility and accuracy. All the test results are shown on the digital LCD display ans printed on the printer. The hardness range can be checked from 0.5 kg. to 50.0 kg. The hardness range can be checked from 0.5 kg. to 50.0 kg. The diameter and thickness range can be checked from 2.0 - 35.0 mm. The hardness range can be read as kg. N or Kp. A removable tray is attached at the back side of the machine the small hand held brush is provided to clean the sample fragments. The calibration is done by a simple procedure which can be performed at any flat surface with Govt.approved standard weight.

Hardness Rage 0.5 kg - 50 kg.
Hardness Accuracy + 0.1 kg
Diameter / Thickness Range 2.0 - 35.0 mm
Measurement Units   Hardness - Kilogram kg.
Newtons (N)
Kiloponds (Kp)
Diameter Milimeter (mm)
Test Method Automatic
Test Data Hardness, Diameter, Thickness
Display 2 x 16 Character Backit LCD all angle Display
Clock Real time Clock
Memory Results of 50 Tablests.
Printer Interface Centronics 25 pin D type Connector
Printer Support 88 col. Dotamatric & Deskjet
Measurement L x W x H 465 mm x 175 mm x 295 mm
Net Weight 21 kg
Voltage 230V 50 Hz 1 ph (110V 60 Hz Optional)