Bellstone Digital Automatic Karl Fischer Titrator


Bellstone Digital Automatic Karl Fishcher Titrator, Order Code : BHI-PTM-4580 is designed for accurate estimation of moisture in various Soild, Liquid of Gas samples. It is used by quality control and Research & development Laboratories. The instrument is also Suitable for accurate estimation of moisture in transformer / insulating oil etc.

The instrument is having a built in magnetic stirrer with speed controller. The K/F Reagent is added to the reaction vessel by a highly sensitive dispensing system and volumeetrically displayed on the digital readout with readability 0.01 ml. The motorized dispensing system totally and control valves, thus greatly minimizing the handing of the hazardous corrosive reagent. The dispensing system can be cleaned b y running 'Clean Cycle'. The is an easy method for daily maintenance.

The incorporation of latest microprocessor based circuitry in this instrument ensures trouble-free performance with perfect reproducible results and total reliability. A light feather touch key board is provided on the panel to start titration, feed data such as weight of sample in mgs or volume in mls, density etc. The instructions are displayed on alphanumeric display making instrument user-friendly. The titre factor is automatically calculated and stored in memor. The end point of the titration is indicated by ana audio alarm and Suitable message. The moisture contents in the sample is accurately calculated and displayed on the screen as moisture contents, PPM o percentage to connect 80 column printer if printout is required.