Bellstone Digital Automatic Tap Density Test Apparatus


Bellstone Digital Automatic Tap Density Test Apparatus Order Code : BHI-PTM-4590 is designed to meet the requirement of USP Standards suitable for method-1 & Method-2. It can hold two cylinders. Capacity : 100 ml and 250 ml. The machanism provides simultaneously rotating and tapping motion to the cylinders for packing the sample under test evenly and uniformly together. The user test evenly and uniformly together. The user friendly microprocessor based circuitry nables to select two different modes of testing tap density. In UDP-1 or UDP-2 mode the number or select the number of taps as per requirement. The apparatus will run on the selected mode and at the end of the test, it will calculate and display the end percentage difference between tapped volume and tapped density compressibility index and Housner Ratio automatically.

Provision is made in the apparatus to accept an 80 Column centronic parallel port printer for printing the results. Thus a test report can be obtained for each test.

The menu appering on the 4 line LCD screen gives almost all instruction on the screen, eliminating the need to refer the instruction manual while working.

Instruments with only USP method 1 or USP method 2 specifications and non-digital junior models are also available.

Key Board 5 Keys for data entry
Display 4 Line Backlit wide angle LCD Screen
Printer Parallel Printer port provided for 80 col dot matrix printer.
Standard Accessories Cylinders 100 ml, 250 ml each with holder
Power 230 Volts A.C. 50 Hz