Bellstone Precision Melting Point Apparatus


  • Accurate Determination of Melting Points, Melting Range & Boiling Point.
  • Compact Design with Sophistication and Accuracy.
  • Electronic Controller for Precise setting of Heating Rate.
  • Silicon Oil bath with built-in Magnetic stirrer Melting Range & Boiling Point.
  • Glare-free illuminator & Large Magnifier for Strain-free Observations.

Bellstone Precision Melting Point Apparatus Order Code : BHI-PTM-4600. A Compact instrument designed for accurate determination of melting points of solid samples. It is also used to check the Melting Range of the samples. The unit consists of a built in magnetic stirrer an electronic controller with indicator for precisely indicator for precisely adjusting the rate of heating of Silicon Oil Bath, an ON/OFF switch a pilot lamp, magnifier, a high quality thermometer, glare free background illuminator and a HIGH/LOW range selector switch.

The silicon Oil Bath is made of special glass beaker having capacity about 200 ml. It is furnished with a teflon cover fitted with a special type of oil immersion heater and having three holes for holding the capillaries one for boiling point tube and one for the thermometer.

The tips of the capillaries filled with sample powders can be kept suspended in the oil bath through the cover. The tips can be clearly observed through the magnifier on the illuminated back-ground of the bath. A superior quality accurate thermometer having range 5 to 360°C is supplied with the equipment so that the melting points can be correctly determined by varying the temperature of the bath. Thermometers with lower ranges and appropriate divisions can be supplied on request.

The apparatus is supplied complete with 175 ml. Silicon Oil for use upto 300°C and a box of capillaries. The apparatus can be used for determination of melting points melting points, melting range & boiling points with suitable accessories.