Bellstone Automatic Programmable Melting Point Apparatus


Bellstone Automatic Programmable Melting Point Apparatus, Order Code : BHI-PTM-4610 is designed for accurate determination of melting points automatically and these melting points are displayed on front panel. It is generally used to estimate the melting points of organic substances and is suitable for quality control & research laboratories of chemical, pharaceutical, food and various other industries.

The unit consist of a built-in miniature furnace, a digital temperature indicating circuitry with necessary controls and an air circulating arrangement. The furnace is precisely constructed to from a uniform heating media in which there is an arrangement to hold the capillary containing the sample. No external heating media like Silicon oil is required.

The change in transparency of the sample at the melting point is accurately sensed by a microprocessor based sensitive electronic circuitry and the temperature at the melting point is displayed directly on the digital readout. Being fully automatic instrument, human errors during the observation of the melting points are totally eliminated.

The unit is very simple to operate with minium controls. The expected melting point of the sample is fed to the microprocessor based by the keys as 'Set Point' The temperature starts increasing on pressing the ' Start press switch on the panel and is indicated by a digital display. The rate of rise in temperature is automatically controlled in steps and finally adjusts itself at 1°C/Min towards the melting on reaching the temperature at which the sample melts heating gets automatically cut off with an audio signal and the air circulating arrangement starts lowering down the temperature of the system. The temperature indicating the melting point of the sample remains displayed on the panel till the 'Clear press switch is operated. If the actual melting point is beyond te range of adjusted 'Set Point', the heating stops automatically, as the termperature reaches 10°C, above set temperature of teh program. The range of the instrument is 40°C to 300°C, Reliability is 0.1°C with accuracy ± 0.1% The unit works on 230 Volts/50 Hz, A.C. mains supply. The apparatus is supplied complete with a pack of copinaries (100 pieces) and on instruction manual.