Bellstone Pressure Vessel & Sterile Filling Vessel


Pressure Vessel : Are utilised to hold liquids for filtration by means of air or gas pressure, through any membrane filtration system.

Salient Features : These vessels are manufactured from high alloy S.S.Aisi 316 quality. All joints are argon welded. Caps and dead corners are reduced to an absolute minimum and interior and exterior of vessels are ground and mirror polish finished.

A long tube is provided to ensure complete drawing of fluid.
Each vessel is tested at 6 Kg/CM2
A pressure relief valve is provided
Available in models of 5 to 200 ltrs.

Sterile Filling Vessel : Are extensively used in pharmaceutical indusrtry for the production and packaging of infusion and injection solutions. The filtered sterile liquid stored in the vessels can be directly drawn out by the filling machine syrings.

Salient Features :

  • Manufactured from high alloy stainless steel (AISI 316) quality.
  • All joints are argon are welded.
  • The enterior and exterior of all vessels are fine ground to give a mirror polish finish.
  • A long tube is provided to ensure complete drawing of the fluid.
  • An air TIGHT lid with a viewing glass is provided
  • These vessels can be put in an autoclave or can be STEAMED for sterilisation.
  • A sterile vent filter can be supplied with the unit as an accessory.
  • Available in capacities between 20 & 200 Ltrs.