Bellstone Pipette Filling Device


Features :

  • Two LEDs
    (a) Red - Low Charging
    (b) Green - Charging Status
  • Continuos adjustment of pump speed during operation.
  • An universal silicon collet is provided to accept all standard pipettes up to 50 ml. Internal Knurlings on the collet holds the pipette firmly.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Available in four attractive colour combinations
  • In-line membrane filter (0.2 micron) prevents
    (a) Aerosol Contamination
    (b) Liquid from entering the equipmet by accident.
  • Ni-MH 3.6V rechargeable batteries are used in combination with low power consumption circuit and vacuum/pressure pump. Allows eight hours of continuous operation.

* Easy
* Efficient
* Electronic
* Economical

Model No. : Description
BHI-MPFD-8010 Cream body / yellow collet and Plungers
BHI-MPFD-8015 Cream body / red collet and Plungers
BHI-MPFD-8020 Cream body / violet collet and Plungers