SAMPLING TUBES (Unrelieved )


Qty Comments

For collecting undistubed samples of 38mm dia for Triaxial shear strength and Unconfined Compressive strength either straight from the field or from a sample of larger diameter. The wall thickness is maintained approximately 1.6mm with an area ratio approximately 17 per cent. Both relieved and unrelieved sampling tubes are available. In the relieved type of tube, the internal diameter is relieved by about 0.5mm beyond approx. 19mm length from the cutting edge of the tube. This is most suitable for highly cohesive soils. In the unrelieved type, the internal diameter is uniform through out. This type is most suitable for soils of low cohesion. These 38mm dia tubes are available in different lengths.

Unrelieved: (a) 150mm (b) 200mm (c) 225mm (d) 300 mm long.