Item Description
Paper A-4 75 GSM Door Lock
Carbon Paper F-Cap (Blue) Table Lock
Register 1- 6 Quire Dak Bag
Envelop 8 A (Yellow) (with cloth) / 7 A / 6 No. / 5 No. Duster White (24’x24’)
Envelop White (9”x4) Jug 1 liter (Plastic)
File Cover with office name Jug Mayur/Milton 10 liter, 5 liter
File Flap Highlighter Pen
File Board Knife (paper cutter)
Cups and Plate Set (6 Pieces) Match Box
Cash Book Marker Pen
Pay Bill Register 100 pages/200 pages Mouse Pad
Contingent register Pencil Sharpener
Docket Punch Pen Stand 4 Socket (Officer)
Desk Calander Stand (Big sixe) Pin Cushan Magnetic
Dak Pad Paper Roll for Pen holder
DI Sheet Slip Book
Diary Register Stapling Machine Small/Big size
Dispatch Register Staple Pin No. 10
Pay Bill Form Outer & Inner, Big Size Staple Pin No. 24/6
Accuittance Roll Sheet Scale Plastic
Attendance Register Towel Officer (Long size)
Assistant Diary Register Torch
All Pin Tray (For Tea)
Gem Clip (Steel) / (Plastic) Waste Paper Basket (Dustbin)
Gum Tube 30 ml / Gum Bottle (150 Gram) Pilot Pen
GAR-42 Advance /Withdrawal / GAR-14 Gel Pen (Add Gel)
LTC Bill Form Uni Ball Pen
Stamp Pad Reynold Pen
Stamp Pad Ink Reynold Refil
Log Book Jotter Bal Pen
Medical Reimbursement Bill Form Jotter Refil (VIP)
Medical Advance Bill Form Calculator
Paper Weight (Plastic Cube) Toner Cartridge
Peon Book Stock Register 6 quire(Alphabetic)
Pencil H.B. Contingent charges Register GAR27
CD Pay Bill Register (containing 100-200 Pg
Eraser (Rubber) Challan Form
Re-Writable CD Fully vouched contingent Bill (GAR-29)
Scissor (Medium size) Transfer TA Form
Signature Pad GAR-42 (Advance/Withdrawal)
Service Book Thread Ball
Stock Register 6 Quire Slip Book ( 20-25 pages)
Thread Ball Toner Toshiba 2860
Plastic Sutali Thermos
Tags M-78 DVD
Pasting Flag (Colored ) DVD RW
Audio Cassette (60/90 min ) CD RW
Cover Glass Paper Cutter
Glass for staff Tape Brown
Glass Officer Cello Tape white (small size)
Candle Brown Paper Sheet
Cell wall Clock Pen Drive 8 - 16 GB
Correcting Fluid Electronic Kettle 1 lt.
Cello tape roll 2” Pen Stand 2 soket
Cell Big Size Desk Calender Stand (Long size)
Colin Spray Drawing Pin