14" Dumpy Level -14DL

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(Improved Model - internal focussing)

The 14" Dumpy Level is a sturdy and compact instrument and is intended for general surveying job. By virtue of its sturdy construction and being of the internal focussng type the instrument is free from dust and from frequent maladjustment of the line of collimation. The optics are blue coated to afford protection against glare.

Specifications :

Aperture of objective : 40 mm
Equivalent focal length : 355 mm
Magnification  : 27x
Shortest focussing distance : 3.4 metres
Stadia Ratio : 1 : 100
Additional constant : 0 (Zero)

The instrument is supplied in a wooden case. Tripod stand is of ribbed type. Rigid, this instrument is supplied with Magnetic compass