BHI-SE- 010

Qty Comments

Size 178 mm (7") internal focussing with tilting arrangement and coincidence bubble ('U' bubble). Fitted with horizontal circle graduated to read 6 minutes with vernier and a provision to preset zero quickly for any desired horizontal direction, sight & fore sight for easy and accurate alignment of staff, very sensitive bubble of 40 sec. Accuracy and a 8minutes sensitive circular drum graduated to read 1:5000, with horizontal circle. A 45 sec. sensitive bubble is built in the tribreach for quick primary setting of the instrument. All the movable parts including axis set & foot Screws are made of gunmetal & brass. The tilting drum graduated to read 1:5000, is incorporated for finer adjustment and accuracy. The instrument is supplied with seasoned wood telescopic stand, complete with all accessories in a wood or leatherite Box.