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General : Carbon Black Content Tester has been designed incorporating many features and new ideas. The aparatus conforms to the most generally recognised National & international standards including BIS IS ASTM etc.

Introduction : The method depends on the fact that non-polar olefin polymers, when heated in inert atmosphere (e.g.oxygen free nitrogen). undergo a pyrolytic depolymerisation, breaking down into smaller molecules which can be the furnace and it has been demonstrated that they may be recovered quantitatively by this method.

Basic Unit : Carbon Content Tester is controlled by "Digital Temperature Controller" Steered by a Platinum / Platinum - Rhodium Thermocouple and combining a temp. indicator with the setting scale. The furnace contains 2.0Kw heating element wound on a tubuler " Quartz" tube which is heavily insulated within a fire-bricks & glass-wool casing. A fused quartz "Combustion" tube, which is twice as long as the furnace, is kept inside the furnace heating tube. This tube contains the "Boat" in which is pyrolised. The rubber corks with glass-tube are also provided at the both ends of the "combustion" tube. The wash bottles with trap unit are filled with pyrogallol/KOH solution, trichloro ethylene and kept at the sides of the apparatus. After the Nitrogen Carrier, a Gas Flow-meter and U-Tube (filled with CaCI3) is connected with pyrogallo/KOH solution .